Richard S. Winer, M.D. has been practicing psychiatry in the Atlanta area for 30 years, treating psychiatric conditions in children, adolescents and adults. Dr. Winer frequently speaks to colleagues about treatment strategies ADHD, depression and anxiety, based on his ongoing experiences with patients. When he's not treating patients, he also works as a statistician for professional and college sports broadcasts, including the last 10 Super Bowls and NCAA Men's and Women's Basketball Tournaments.

Frosted Flakes Are Grrrreat, People Are Grateful

by Richard S. Winer, M.D.
I have had the opportunity to work with patients who have a variety of conditions. Many of my patients over the years have dealt with substance abuse issues and at one time or another that is what brought them into the office or the hospital. One of the delightful parts of practice is seeing a patient who is in recovery and working his or her program. Acknowledging the problem with alcohol or other substances may be half the battle, but the other half of the battle can sure be a challenge. [Read More]

A Psychiatrist’s Take on the Big 12

by Richard S. Winer, M.D.
One of the qualities a psychiatrist is supposed to have is not getting too emotional when talking with a patient. We are supposed to try to be objective in our work. With that in mind, I will apologize in advance for not being as objective when it comes to talking about the current situation with the Big 12 Conference. I readily admit to being a lifelong Kansas Jayhawk fan. When I was hospitalized at age 5, I somehow managed to get special permission to listen to a KU basketball game after the usual allowed time. It was a thrill to see in person KU sports icons like Gale Sayers, JoJo White, and Jim Ryun, attending what was then the Big 8 Basketball Tournament and Indoor Track and Field Championships in Kansas City. They were highlights of the year. That interest in KU has withstood the test of time beyond my own graduation from med school at KU as well as my younger son's graduation from KU. [Read More]

Wooden You Know It: An ADHD Coach

by Richard S. Winer, M.D.
The recent death of renowned basketball coach John Wooden at age 99 stirred up plenty of memories. As a kid growing up in Kansas City, I had the privilege of seeing Wooden's UCLA Bruins win their first NCAA basketball championship in person in 1964. Little did I know that this undefeated squad led by the bespectacled coach with the rolled-up program in hand would not only beat favored Duke to win the title, but would go on to win 38 consecutive NCAA tournament games and 10 of the next 12 championships. For much of my youth, the only thing that seemed as certain as death and taxes was UCLA winning the NCAA tournament. [Read More]