As school year approaches, students encounter stressful transitions

by Richard S. Winer, M.D.
As August comes around, our thoughts tend to turn away from summer fun and drift more toward the start of yet another school year. I certainly remember the days when the school year basically went from Labor Day to Memorial Day and that schedule still exists in certain parts of the country. However, more and more schools are beginning earlier and earlier in August. This gives students a better chance to complete a semester before the winter break and not have to return for a short time period before taking finals. Also, with all of the days the kids have off for everything from teacher workdays to holidays to mid-winter breaks, it's no wonder why classes begin earlier to factor in those off days. These "Back to School" days can be very trying for students, parents, and even teachers. [Read More]

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Psych it to ME?

by Richard S. Winer, M.D.
Welcome to the first of many entries to my blog. As some of you might know, the title "Psych It to Me" is a play on words of one of the signature lines from the late-60s television hit Laugh-In. Those of you who remember the show, as I do, recall the various cast members and guest stars who uttered the phrase "Sock it to me" at various points during the show's run. Those four words became a part of the day's culture as did various other expressions from that show. I have learned in my psychiatric practice that words indeed matter whether they are spoken, written, or simply thought. [Read More]

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